Agha Hovsep Hovhanes Amirkhan

The story of Agha Hovsep Hovhanes Amirkhan, a son of the Noble House of Amirkhanian from Artsakh.

Editor's note: Thanks to the cooperation, help and assistance of:

Mr. Khachatour Dadayan, Author/Publisher and Historian in Armenia;

 Mr. Nikid Mirzayans, author/historian/Publisher of the family book of the Amirkhanian family in Isfahan Iran;

My cousin from New Julfa Avetic M.A. Hovhanes Amiriantz.

My ancestors who guided me as they were ordered by the Great Lord Almighty.


The land of woods and mountains.

The land of woods with roots fed with blood.

The land of warriors who fed the woods with their blood.

Agha Hovsep had his roots in this land called Artsakh. (Picture of People of Ar.)


Artsakh, the land of the Tiger Cave, dormant at first sight, but beware his claws and teeth.


Is it a coincidence that Agha Hovsep's ship which sailed him from Calcutta to Semarang in 1808 was called De Tyger (The Tiger) ? (Picture from internet -source unknown.)



Fedayis of Artsakh

Agha Hovsep Hovanes Amirkhan ancestors.


Brief foreword


(Editor's note: Data and info sourced from the book AMIRIANTZ/AMIRKHANIANTZ Genealogy 1736-1921 AD by Avetic M.A. Hovhanes Amiriantz and Study/Compilation by Nikid Mirzayan.)


There were wars going on in the mountains of Artsakh and several melikhs combined their forces and made a lot of problems for the Persians and Turks, fighting for their freedom.


In 1720 two brothers and warlords called Amirkhan and Zohrabkhan, sons of a Melikh Baron Amirkhan, had their troops too combined and made war and caused problems to the Turks too. Russia however, did not like it at all what the 2 brothers were doing and they were banned to Georgia in 1722 by the Russians, since Russia liked the idea of being friends with the Turks more rather then facing aggression of the Turks.


The two brothers were freed of being banned in 1836 with the help of Archbishop Abraham and both brothers joined the Persian Adminstration of Nadir Shah. Nadir Shah was a war lover and..... Nadir Shah was not a friend of the Turks, not at all... And Nadir Shah had been well informed about the two warheroes and their campains against the Turks... So Nadir Shah welcomed the two brothers with open arms and rewarded them as a royal would reward his loyal servants well. They became Landlords of Borbor/Buvari/Borvar/Burbur.

Amirkhan became the Minister of War and Defence and Zohrabkhan became the Head of the Guards of Nadir Shah.


However, as usual at any court wherever in the world and whenever as long as humankind will have courts, intrigues took place. Nadir Shah was murdered in 1747 by his cousin Adel Shah (Eldest son of his brother Ebrahimkhan) and both brothers Amirkhan and Zohrabkahn remain in service of Adel Shah.

The story of intriges continued and Ebrahimkhan went into battle with his son Adel Shah...... Zohrabkhan and Adel Shah were killed in this battle.

Amirkhan on his turn killed Ebrahimkhan and fled away from Theran to his domain Buvari where he died soon upon arrival due to his injures. (Some say due to poison).

Amirkhan's grave is still to be found in Buvari and was renewed in 1890.


Amirkhan's widow and his son Hovhanes Amirkhan (1744 - 1826) fled away from Buvari due to political unsafe situations and settled down at Chahar Madal Fereidan, a region in the Isfahan Province of Persia.


Hovhanes Amirkhan married Peiri in 1775 at Fereidan, returned to New Julpha and became one of the greatest poets in his days.  He is also referred as AMIROGHLI or Ghaoul. Reference is made to the article as written by Khachatur Dadayan

(Editor's note: According Dutch documentation Peiri was called Martha Paulus.)


Hovhanes Amirkhan had 2 sons and 5 daughters. The eldest son was called Hovsep Hovhanes Amirkhan and became Anna Johannes' father. My uncle, the youngest son of Hovhanes Amirkhan was called Amir Hovhanes Amirkhan. (Editor's note: Dutch almanacs state at Semarang Joseph Johannes and Amir Johannes.)


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Asian Trades.


Line 139... Baron Amirkhan Son of Marcos.




“Here lies Amiroghli's grave. I composed many poems during my lifetime. I travelled throughout the world and now I have slept here clad shrewdly in a  5 Ell cotton. Narrate my poems to everyone, and think about your lives. Death is not mine, it’s just a destination for all mankind. I come back again to whom gave me life. Dated 1826 A.D."


Picture: Source Amiriantz/Amirkhaniantz Genealogy.



UCLA Collection of Books.



Amir ölli (Amiroghli) 1740-1826, born in Burvar.