The younger brother of Agha Hovsep Hovhanes Amirkhan, being Amir Hovhanes Amirkhan and his descendants..... Anna's cousins.


Part of the Geneaolgy tree of the Amirkhan family.



Please also refer to the page Agha Hovsep Hovhanes Amirkhan regarding the genealogy.


Amir Hovhanes Amirkhan was the younger brother of Agha Hovsep, born 1801 and died 1867 (according the family document), married to Mariam (*1803 +1872). She was the daughter of Markar Ter Karapetian. However, according the Dutch almanacs there was citizen at Semarang called Ameerkhan Amir Johannes (according Dutch spellings) who lived there till 1876.


Out of this marriage are the following children (according the family book):

(In blue color are the names of the children who were involved in business or other matters in the former Dutch Indies, now called Indonesia.)


  • Hovhanes married to Marjan
  • A): Hovsep (1839-1902) married to Tiroohi, daughter of Boghos Petrosian.
  • B): Minas (1830-1903) married to Moerassa, daughter of Haratun Gerigor Bablokian. (Haratun was on behalf of the Persian Shah, the Governor of the city Khorramabad)
  • Petros, unmarried
  • Mackertich, unmarried
  • Markar, unmarried
  • Elineh, married Eliaz Hossaini from Baghdad.
  • Peri (Marianna) married Gerigor Nahapetian. (Gerigor moved to Indonesia and left Peri alone at home.) See the page Marianna Nahapetian.
  • Yegisabet (Elisabeth) married Estepanos Petrosian. (His son Zazan moved to Indonesia)... See: John Petrus Blumberger,


A:) Hovsep, listed as number 2, had a son called Johnny and Johnny married a Dutch wife and out of this mariage were the children:

  • Edvard (Jan) ,
  • Mackertich and
  • Mariam (Margarid or Margaretha).


B:) Minas,  had the following children:

  • Boghos, (Paulus Minas). Please see the page Boghos.
  • Cornelis (Cornelis Minas)...and this caused many times problems: His initials were same as his brothers Carepiet Minas and it Dutch historians many times mixed these 2 brothers.
  • Carapiet (Carepiet Minas)
  • Avetic (Avetic Minas), author of the Family book.


Grandhildren of Hovsep.

Edvard, Mackertich and Margarid.(Their father was Johnny)




Avetic, author of the Family book.

According the Register Almanacs, issued by the Dutch Administration, the following persons were residents of the city of Semarang: (RA 1864 till inclusive RA 1876, meaning that the years involved are 1863 till inclusive 1875.)


  • Petrus Paulus Johannes (1840 - 1918. married to a descendant of August Dezentje, landowner at Solo).
    • Frederik Daniel Johannes (Son of Agha Hovsep.)
    • Jan Joseph (Son of Agha Hovsep.)
  • Amerkhan, Amier Johannes (as written according the Dutch spellings)
  • Amerkhan, Joseph Johannes (as written by the Dutch spellings.)

However: an extract of the Family book notes the following regarding Petros,

quote"  Minas’s son Boghos was born in 1862. He married a Dutch girl and moved to Europe. He was ill and after 18 years passed away in Hago (Pen-Hash) Netherlands in 1911. His wife possessed all the properties he had in Perovergo-Java and gave a limited sum of money to Petros who was Poghos’s son from a temporary wife that he had. Petros was well known by the name of P.P.Johannes he too married a Dutch but had no children...Unquote.


Editor's note: Hago (Pen-Hash) = The Hague, The Netherlands.  Perovergo-Java = Purwokerto. Java Island Indonesia. P.P. Johannes is therefore same as Petrus Paulus ? However...this could NOT be true.

According almanacs the person P.P. Johannes at Semarang (and later moved to Surakarta) was born 1840 and married a descendant of the family Dezentje. This family Dezentje was related by marriage to the Sultanate of Surakarta.

Therefore it is still a puzzle to me about which Petrus Paulus we are talking here???? (18/12/2015)


Hereunder a handwritten list of descendants.

Pictures here under:

The fortress of Falak-Ol-Aflak where Haratun Bablokian (See b) above) resided as Governor for and on behalf of the Persian rules in his days. Falak-Ol-Aflak means: Heaven of Heavens. In this part of Iran, the people speak their own language (not Farsi) but the language called LURI. (They undertand however the language FARSI)