The younger brother of Agha Hovsep Hovhanes Amirkhan, being Amir Hovhanes Amirkhan and his descendants..... Anna's cousins.


BOGHOS MINAS or according the Dutch almanacs: Paulus Minas Johannes.



Boghos on the left with his business partner Mr. van Eijck

On the right his brother Avetic in the early 1900's at Banjarnegara.

Paulus was born at New Julfa around 1862/1863 and settled down at Java in the year 1884 arriving with ms SUMBAWA 4 Febr 1884.


Till 1894 his residence was the city of PURWOREJO/Bagelen and had a small department store and did some commissioning business and auctions.

As a side income (additional earnings) he also owned some farmlands (coconut).


He moved to Magelang and opened a bigger department store per 2 april 1894 and raised his capital and opened a Big Bazar Department store called Toko P.M. Johannes n.v. as per 1-1-1906. ( N.V. = Ltd. Company).

The N.v. Toko P.M. Johannes (Ltd company) was dissolved as per 1-6-1907 and the department store is sold in August 1907. The Ltd company had 2 business partners: 1) Paulus and 2) Gerard Bijlevelt who happened to be a member of the towncouncel. They broke due to different opinions in business matters

(*Editor: Information from newspapers and from the archives of public notary C.P.A. Boelen at Magelang.   Public Notary C.P.A. Boelen was the father in law of Willem Egbert Boers, grandson of Anna !!! And therefore related to Boghos by inlaw/marriage. Public Notary Boelen died one year earlier at Amsterdam after being retired and like Boghos, he also died alone.


Why? Boghos is suffering from a disease and doctors could not heal him. He sailed to The Netherlands on 1-7-1909 with m.s. VONDEL in order to get healed which did not happen. 


Boghos died alone far away from his family on 16-2-1911 at 09:00 am at age of 48 years.

His wife inherited all what he had (cash + land) and only a small part was provided to his son Petrus Paulus out of a relationship with a local woman before he married. (This son P.P. should be born at earliest after Febr 1884 and unfortunately nothing about him can be found in the almanacs.)



The first business partner of Boghos, Mr. G.J. van Bijlevelt. Member of the town council. The partnership (60/40) in their Ltd lasted one and a half year. Mr. van Bijlevelt faced problems paying creditors and not because of the lack of money, but just because he did not like to open the cashbox. (*Editor:According correspondence in the archives of the public notary C.P.A. Boelen.)


Official registration at The Hague regarding the death of Paulus.

Above: The picture left was made by his brother Cornelis who owned a photostudio. He was a photographer. Picture right: van Eijck and Boghos on the right.


Former Toko P.M. Johannes sold in august 1907 to Mr. J.M.J. van Eijck, the second business partner of Boghos.


The name of the department store changed into Toko van Eijck and was focussed on the military. (The town of Magelang was also a military base.)


The shop lasted till 1931 due to the death of Mr. van Eijck. (Left standing alone).



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